Lightforce Elite

Not a toy, but we know he can't break them!
Not a toy, but we know he can't break them! The Patrol The Oka on the Sea Patrol Set The Mercedes The Fleet The Troopy



1.  How long have you been in the industry:
Just over 5 years running Southern Cross 4WD Tours, have been 4WDing and camping my whole life.

2.  When you’re not driving, what do you do (for a living):
I’m lucky enough to 4WD daily for a living showing off the Australian countryside to both international and interstate holiday makers visiting the Gold Coast and Brisbane

3.  Family, children, pets:
Wife - Stephanie, 3 year old Son – Jake. Cat

4.  What do you drive:
Our tour vehicles are a mixed bag and suit the different tours we offer:  Australian Built XT Oka, 18 Seater 2010 Mercedes 4x4, Toyota Troopy and the Gu Patrol. The Patrol is set up as a touring vehicle (used privately too) for people wanting a private tour with an adrenalin rush.

5.  Modifications to your vehicle:
The GU has modifications that include lift, 3inch Beaudesert exhaust, DP chip, pyro and boost gauges, 33 inch tyres, dual wheel carrier, winch, lightforce lights and lots of them, and lots of other bits and pieces to make touring that little more comfortable.

6.  First vehicle:
Datsun 120Y- went everywhere. First 4WD was a short wheel base BJ70 Landcruiser that also went everywhere.

7.  Dream vehicle:
Nissan Patrol with engine transplant to a turbo charged 6.5 litre V8

8.  Best race win:
$50 on the nose at 2008 Melbourne Cup

9.  Favourite race track:
Flemington, Melbourne

10.  Favourite competition: 
Not being the first to get stuck when out with friends 4WDing

11.  Favourite “Off The Beaten Track”: 
Anywhere in the Victorian High Country as long as its steep, high and challenging

12.  Favourite Lightforce product? 
240 Blitz

13.  Career Goal:
Continue to be involved in the 4WDing industry and enjoying it.

14.  Who is your idol (can be anyone!): 
My 3 year old son, capable of learning something new every day

15.  Dead or Alive – which 4 famous people would you invite to your next BBQ? 
Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, Charley Boorman, William Shatner, Hugh Laurie

16.  Are you Arnold Schwarzenegger or Hugh Grant? 
Arnold Schwarzenegger. If I said Hugh Grant my wife would divorce me!