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How to Adjust your Lightforce Driving Lights

18 November 2018

Owning a top of the line set of Lightforce LED, HID or Halogen Driving Lights adds both safety and enjoyment to your night driving. However, before heading out into the night, it's important that your lights are properly adjusted to give you the best possible range and visibility. Here are a few tips on how to best adjust your Lightforce Driving Lights.


Five dollar bounty on feral pigs in QLD proposed

05 November 2018

Big news for hunters in Queensland, as new laws have been proposed, pushing for a $5 bounty for every pig put down. Standing at about 24 million nation-wide, feral pigs are notorious pests, responsible for spreading weeds, destroying crops and livestock, and carrying disease. Some local councils argue that in a state that has already been ravaged by drought, the further threat of wild pigs needs to be dealt with urgently. As such, humane eradication of the feral threat is a reasonable solution.


Product Safety Recall

13 June 2018

Some Lightforce 170mm Handheld Lights with LiFePO4 batteries and some Lightforce LiFePO4 Battery Chargers supplied between January 2014 and May 2018 may include power cords that do not have an earth pin. The missing pin does not pose a risk for users of the battery charger but could result in an electrical shock causing serious injury or death if the power cord is used with another 240V appliance that requires an earth pin.


The New Striker LED with DIY Installation Kit is here!

30 April 2018

Lightforce is thrilled to launch their latest offering to the driving light market - the new Striker LED with DIY Installation Kit. Priced at only $599 RRP per pair with an easy to install plug-and-play harness, our compact Australian-made Striker LEDs are the affordable choice for those who demand Lightforce quality. With a range of great features that set them apart from the competition...


How Lightforce Solves Radio Interference from LED Driving Lights

25 February 2018

You may have noticed that the Lightforce Venom LED and Genesis LED as the new Striker LEDS boast a “CISPR25” rating and “reduced radio interference” and wondered what that means for you. LED lamps on your vehicle run the risk of causing EMI (Electro-magnetic interference). This is a particularly important safety concern when working in mining or emergency services...