We currently have a vacancy for Maintenance and Site Supervisor. Please click the link below to view our seek advertisement.

Core Accountabilities: (Including any other duties as prescribed by management)


  • Preparing request for quotations (RFQs)
  • Organising and coordinating external auditors – compliance with safety, fire, and dangerous materials (eg asbestos) and energy audits
  • Coordinating and identifying preferred subcontractors
  • Coordinating the purchase of required materials
  • Project management and contractor management
  • Managing Registers Responsibilities
  • Responding to all sites/day-to-day maintenance and planning prioritising critical issues
  • Communicating and coordinating with staff in sites regarding contractors work or interruptions
  • Setting budgets, tracking, reviewing and signing invoices of all works completed
  • Ensure correct site induction processes are compliant and PPE is worn
  • Site security
  • Ensuring maintenance schedules are kept and done so in a satisfactory manner
  • Representing the RLD group in a professional and responsible manner always
  • Undertaking some of the maintenance tasks in-house (subject to time and expertise)


  • Must be able to act professionally and responsibly with clients, employees, subcontractors
  • High order intrapersonal (eg emotional intelligence, resilience, determination) and interpersonal skills (eg conflict resolution, negotiation, communication both verbal and written)
  •  Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Time management skills
  • Building and maintenance experience is essential
  • Capacity to oversee and set plans for multiple sites which operate in different industries

Careers at Lightforce

We look for people who share our Values.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Lightforce has more than 35 years' experience in precision manufacturing and has forged an international reputation as leading manufacturer of innovative professional lighting equipment.

We pride ourselves on supplying quality products to those who value performance, innovation and design.

Our Values

Our Values, listed below, guide our employees in their efforts to achive our Mission.


  • Passionate and united leaders that give clarity, engender trust and deliver on the Vision and Values
  • Whole business focus
  • Collaboration and engagement – always
  • Robust and respectful communication at all levels.


  • Innovation is the norm; we are always looking for a better way
  • Asking ‘why’ is okay
  • Good ideas are welcomed and acknowledged
  • We engage risk and manage it – we don’t shy from it
  • We continually look to build the skills of our people.


  • We exceed expectations
  • ‘Can’t be done’ does not exist – there are always options
  • Everyone knows what is expected of them
  • Great performance is recognised – for the individual, the team and the business.


  • We hold ourselves and each other, accountable for: performance, behaviour and safety
  • We own up when things go wrong and learn from our mistakes
  • We are individually accountable but everyone is responsible
  • We watch out for each other.


  • Mutual respect, honesty and integrity mean everything
  • We actively listen and talk to each other – we do not make assumptions 
  • How we behave is as important as what we deliver
  • We respect our people’s lives outside of Lightforce Australia
  • We live our Values.


  • We think and act as one big team and our business partners and customers are part of that team
  • We share the Vision and Mission know our part in their achievement
  • We collaborate to tackle cross-business issues
  • We continually debrief and learn from each other
  • We apply the Values to our business partnerships and customers.