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Blitz 240mm Handheld Filter - Infrared Spot

Durable polycarbonate covers. Capable of absorbing grime and bombardment for many nights out, these replaceable covers should be renewed from time to time to protect your investment and maintain maximum beam output. There is a colour to suit every application.

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Product Details

Clip on covers for sporting light applications, supplied without logo. Various colours and configurations allow you to tailor the light for your application.

  • AMBER – Ideal for minimising glare in dusty or foggy conditions
  • GREEN – Specifically for spotting animals with sensitive eyes. Decreased visible light signature
  • RED – Most popular for night spotting of animals. Decreased visible light signature
  • INFRA RED – Security, surveillance and covert police and military operations
  • DISPERSION – Ideal to illuminate a work activity area


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