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Blitz HID Driving Lights

The 240 Blitz™ HID offers performance for those who require extreme long distance visibility such as professional remote long haul truck drivers.


  • 2 x Blitz HID driving lights
  • 2 x Clear spot filters
  • 2 x Mounting brackets and hardware
  • 1 x User instructions
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Product Details

240mm Blitz™ HIDs offer performance suited to those who require extreme long distance visibility. When focused to its tightest spot there are few lights in the world that can compete when distance does matter. For the budget conscious off-road motorsport enthusiast who desires maximum lighting horsepower.


  • Ideal long distance performance light
  • 12V 100 watt Xenophot® 2,000 hour bulb (24V halogen version available)
  • Lightweight polycarbonate, glass-filled nylon composite construction.

Product Specification

1 Lux at 1711 Metres

Blitz HID Spot Photometric

Blitz HID Colour Temperature


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