Tips when Choosing a Wiring Harness for your Driving Lights

Installing a set of Driving Lights onto your vehicle can range from a one hour exercise to a traumatic ordeal that could end up ruining your weekend and result in an intervention by an auto electrician. If the auto electrician happens to be your mate, then a case of beer may be all it costs. If not, the alternative will cost you $200 or more. Here are some tips to spare you this ordeal.

When selecting a Wiring Harness, look for one that has the following features for a fast and simple installation:

  • Appropriate Length - Select a harness that is long enough to allow for you to neatly secure the wiring from the lights to the Switches in the cab. Too often, the cable is not long enough for the size of your vehicle or the location of the lights you want to install, requiring you to add extra wiring
  • Negative/Positive Switching – A harness that allows for this will save you the hassle of rewiring the harness if your vehicle is negatively switched
  • Waterproof and Quick Release Connectors - Deutsch pin connectors make life simple and reduce the need for additional terminals or joining wires with solder
  • Clear Labels - Having the harness loom adequately labelled saves you trying to work out what each colour means or using a test light to determine wire purpose if all the wires are the same colour
  • Fuse Size – The inline fuse is adequate to power your lights. Have a look on the box; if each light is drawing 10 amps, then you need at least a 25 amp fuse
  • Slim Switch Loom – Having a slim design switch wiring loom that can pass through the grommet in the firewall easily saves lots of time and eliminates the need to retrospectively seal it
  • Plug and Play Piggy Back Connectors – Many vehicles have HB3 or H4 headlight globes, so look out for corresponding piggy-back connectors for a fast installation that avoids the need for stripping back and joining wires
  • Consumables – Screws for the relays, cable ties, spare terminals, and wiretaps should be included as this will save you a trip to the hardware store or an hour rummaging through your toolbox or shed.

With a Lightforce Plug and Play Harness, all you need to do is make sure you have the right tools and equipment within reach (outlined on the installation booklet) and it will all go smoothly. Our Lightforce YouTube Channel contains a range of installation videos for popular 4WD makes and models.

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