Driving Light Technology: Lesson One

How do you choose the best lights for your 4WD? There’s a lot of misleading information out there! We get it, you aren’t that into the specs and just want a good light for your 4x4. You’ve heard Lightforce are the best, but then you noticed we are talking “lux” when others are talking “lumens”, and the “lumens” number is higher… so what do you do? Lux and lumens are important, but one BIG mistake people make is thinking that the brightness has something to do with watts. It doesn’t.  

LESSON ONE: Don’t look at the wattage and expect to know the brightness… ever!

It makes sense, right? Higher wattage means it takes more power, therefore it must be more powerful. That’s what a lot of people think… and we understand why. The logic seems sound, there used to be a loose correlation between the two with halogen lights, so we get where this myth comes from. However, with the constant evolution of LED technology, driving lights can now offer lower wattages (less draw on your battery) without sacrificing lumens, the distance at one lux or brightness. So the number of watts on your light should not be used as an indicator of brightness.  

What is wattage relevant to? Wattage is only relevant to wiring / cabling your lights.