High-Performance Lightforce HTX Now Available in 24 Volts

A 24 Volt version of the ever-popular Australian-made Lightforce HTX is now available, making this high-performance driving light compatible with even more commercial trucks and vehicles.

The HTX is the ultimate hybrid of HID and LED technology, providing the instant flood of LED combined with the unmatched long-distance of HID, eliminating the need for additional spotlights. 

With a variety of European and Japanese trucks being equipped with 24 volt electrical systems, many customers have had a 24 volt version of the HTX on their wish-list.

Mark Zussino, Lightforce Senior Engineering and Operations Manager explained, “The design team has introduced the 24 Volt version of the HTX to ensure all commercial vehicle types can easily enjoy the benefits of our flagship product.”

“No other driving light achieves what the HTX does – it is truly one of a kind,” Mark Zussino said. “The HTX as two independent circuits – users can choose to operate the HID and LED options simultaneously for maximum output or run them independently of one another. Choose LED for instant width, HID for long distance or combine the two for ultimate visibility.” 

The HTX 24V includes a stainless steel top bracket as standard, which provides additional stability and reduces vibration during the extreme driving conditions experienced by truck drivers. 

Maintaining the distinctive design of the 12 volt version, the Lightforce HTX 24V features a 70 watt HID globe in the centre of a 170mm reflector, which works to provide long-distance performance. The reflector is surrounded by 20 LEDs in a circular pattern, each with a precision angled reflector, which provide a wide spread that is similar to that produced by a Lightforce 20” LED Bar. 

Additional features of the Lightforce HTX products include an IP69K rating that offers complete protection against any containment ingress and UV stable hard coated lens for extra impact protection. 

A pair of HTX produces a beam distance of 1 LUX at 1767 metres and a beam width of 1 LUX at 92 metres. The LEDs have a 5000K colour temperature (with a colour-matched HID) which reduces glare, reflection and driver fatigue, for a safer, more enjoyable drive when completing long hauls.

Learn more about the new HTX 24 Volts here.

1 LUX at 1767 metres

HTX Beam Shot

HTX Photometric