New Lightforce Halogen Dimmer gives control over halogen beam intensity

The new innovative matte black dimmer encompasses an on/off switch and an ergonomic dimming lever in the one compact unit measuring only 7cm x 5cm x 3.5cm. The housing of the Halogen Dimmer also has “notches” to allow for the dimmer to be mounted on a flat surface using screws.

Night hunters have a lot to gain from the Lightforce Halogen Dimmer, as most species of game are sensitive to bright light. Hunters are now able to control the perfect level of light intensity to match any hunting application with the smooth and quiet operation of the dimming lever. The cleverly designed “hook and strap” comes with every Lightforce Halogen Dimmer offering a simple mounting solution for the discerning hunter.

The average recreational user, walking in close bush or confined areas, now has the benefit of dimming to low light until full beam is required. And when using a portable battery, dimming their light can significantly extend operating time. 

For professional users, the right light intensity can mean the difference between a successful outcome on a job, and even life or death. For instance, Search and Rescue operators must be able to navigate at night as well as to identify known and inherent risks which must be carefully weighed against the mission’s chances for success. Being able to choose the right level of light intensity for both navigation and identification of the risks in any environment is a critical advantage.

The Lightforce Halogen Dimmer is available now from Lightforce Dealers. Learn more about it here.



  • Strain relief on the cable connections, taking pressure off the cable joints
  • Recessed button for reduced risk of unintentional dimming
  • Screw mounting points for permanent mounting
  • Hook and loop strap provided for stock or remote mounting
  • Ergonomically designed dimmer ranging from 0-100%
  • Input voltage range: 10 – 16V
  • Maximum output current:12A
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • NOTE: This product cannot be used with LED or HID lighting systems.