Fred and his Unimog tour Australia

We recently had the great pleasure of hosting Fred and his Red Unimog at the Lightforce Head Office in Adelaide, South Australia. Fred is an avid explorer and adventurer who has travelled a lot of the world and has now set his sights on touring Australia. Because his Aussie trip is a huge project with so much ground to cover, mostly off-road and in tough conditions, Fred brought along his trusty Unimog all the way from Switzerland. Also, as he expected to cover long distances at night, he has outfitted the Unimog with a pair of Lightforce XGT Halogen Driving Lights.

Fred and his Unimog at Lightforce

Fred purchased his Unimog in Europe and put the red beast to the test extensivelty, driving more than 10,000kms around the continent. We took notice of his exploits on his FB3 Red Dog Unimog Facebook Page and when we saw he was heading for Adelaide, we invited him to stop by our offices so we could meet him in person. Fred turned out to be a great sport and was happy to show us his awesome ride and share his travel stories with us. In return, we were happy to show him around our factory, where our Lightforce Driving Lights and other products are designed and made.


Fred in our Factory

A Unimog is a multi-purpose all-wheel drive medium-sized truck produced by Daimler and sold under the brand name Mercedes-Benz. The name Unimog is an acronym for the German "UNIversal-MOtor-Gerät" (Gerät being the German word for device, in the sense of machine, instrument, gear, apparatus). The Unimog's characteristic design element is its chassis: a flexible ladder frame with short overhangs and coil sprung beam portal axles with a central torque tube and transverse links. Having portal axles, the tyres' centres are below the axle centre, which gives the Unimog a high ground clearance without big tyres. The coil sprung axles with torque tubes allow an axle angle offset of up to 30°, giving the tyres a wide range of vertical movement to allow the truck to comfortably drive over extremely uneven terrain, even boulders of one metre in height. This is what made Fred choose it for his adventure around Australia, where rough terrain and corrugated dirt tracks are common.

The cab itself is cozy, and while not very large, it's plenty big to comfortably accommodate Fred on his travels. There's a bed, kitchen sink, dinner table, storage space, and a nice skylight for stargazing.

Unimog Interior

We wanted to make sure Fred is fully prepared for the Outback at night, when there are no lights around for hundreds of kilometres, and we were happy to upgrade his Halogens with a brand new pair of our Lightforce XGT HID Driving Lights and two sets of Crystal Blue Filters, for Combo and Flood beam patterns. Fred was of course stoked, check out his Lightforce Testimonial below.