What's New? Aussie Made LED, That's What!

We've got something new to share with you - well two things in fact!

We've just launched our new Venom LED and Genesis LED and we couldn't be more proud of these products if we tried.

Both made right here in Australia, these lights are producing some truly enviable outputs, in both distance and spread of light.

Like all products in the Lightforce range, these lights have been independently tested for distance and durability. Both lights achieve a rating of IP69K meaning that they will truly last the distance and thrive in the most challenging environments all over the world.

A great new feature that we've added is the reduced radio interference technology that means adding these lights to your vehicle won't affect your ability to tune into local radio stations as you travel the lengths and widths of Australia.

They incorporate a number of improvements that make them superior to other similar products. One key reason for producing new lights in a smaller format is that they can achieve similar lighting performance in a light with a more compact footprint, and they allow you to fit the range of Lightforce Filters to tailor your light's colour and beam pattern to the driving conditions.

You can find out all the nitty gritty details of these new lights in the video below or head to the product pages for comprehensive specs.

We'll be adding reviews and clips of the products in action over the coming weeks, so stay tuned to find out more!