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Remote Control 225mm coil cord & cig.plug

The CBRC225 remote control handle is designed for mounting the SL or RM model lights through the roof of vehicles and boat bulkheads or incorporated into one of our remote roof mounting systems. They provide user comfort and superb control during operation from within the cabin.

This is our plug and play option with 2 wiring options supplied for easier installation and removability.

Availability: Available at a Dealer

Product Details

Installed as a permanent fixture through the cab of your hunting truck or mounted on removable brackets to your daily drive.

The remote control is fitted with an on/off switch in the handle; variable tension adjustment can be selected from within the cabin to fix the light in one position or enable it to be freely rotated through 360 degrees.

Supplied with Cig Plug and Alligator clip wiring options for a plug and play option.


  • 225mm handle length
  • Handle contains a switch for light control
  • Supplied with Cig Plug and Alligator clip wiring options


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