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Redefine the Night

We like to finish what we start. Just because the sun has gone down, doesn't mean you are ready to head inside for a boring night of watching tv. When we say "Redefine the Night", we are talking about catching some more fish, driving a little farther and completing the hunt, without letting the night stop you.

Redefine Your Fishing Trip

Trying to hook a line out on the water without adequate lighting isn't only frustrating - it's unsafe. Lightforce has engineered a range of marine, handheld and utility lights to deck your skipper out with so you can start early in the AM and stay out as late as you like.

Redefine Your Hunt

Whether you are culling for conservation reasons or hunting for a meal, there's no way a hunter can operate without a light. Our sporting range is portable, rugged and reliable, with a range of filters for different applications (even multicoloured LEDs built in for convenience). Set yourself up with the tools you need to perform.

Redefine Your Search

First responders need to be able to search and rescue at a moments notice - emergencies don't care about your schedule and delays can have catastrophic consequences. You need strong, reliable light that is portable and ready to go - which is why our lights are great for anybody who works in search and rescue.

Redefine Your Drive

Cross-country highways at night can be dangerous. Poor lighting, wildlife, high speed and driver fatigue can all contribute to some of the worst road accidents you could imagine. When you have a pair of Lightforce driving lights, you have the visibility to see long distance which leads to increased reaction time to any hazards that may be on a poorly-lit highway.

Extend your day with Lightforce.