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The X Grille

X-Grille for Ford Ranger

The future of driving lights is bright with the new X Grille, the perfect combination of aesthetic appeal and robust performance.

Designed by AX4 and powered by Lightforce, the X Grille is the newest innovation in driving lights. It is a complete replacement radiator grille with an integrated pair of high-performance Venom LED driving lights. The first X Grille kit, to suit the popular Ford Ranger, is a custom package that looks awesome as if it came straight from the factory. It eliminates the need for bull bars, nudge bars or bulky mountings to add driving lights.

The car's original grille is removed, and only minor modification is required to install the X Grille. There’s no exposed wiring, fastenings are out of sight and secure under the bonnet, and the lights are fully supported and maintain their full range of adjustability. Unlike some bull bars and other light mounting solutions, the X Grille does not affect the car’s safety rating or interfere with any of the sensors in modern vehicles. It will be available to pre-order soon for delivery in 2019.

The X Grille is the result of a collaboration between leading Australian manufacturers Lightforce and AX4, the aftermarket automotive equipment division of Axiom Precision Manufacturing. The two companies have a long history of partnership, with Axiom being a long-standing supplier to Lightforce. The X Grille’s inspiration comes from a very different sector of the car market: the Shelby GT Mustang from 1967. Sleek and muscular, it’s an aesthetic that translates surprisingly well to today ’s superutes. It’s appropriate then that the first X Grille to go on sale will be for another Ford, the best-selling Ranger.

AX4 designed and developed the robust glass-filled nylon composite grille, with Lightforce providing a special new version of our popular Venom LED lights. The lights have composite flush-fitting front casings and powder-coated aluminium rear heatsinks so they are resistant to fatigue caused by vibration, temperature variation, and UV light exposure. They attach to the grille at three adjustable mounting points, which allow the lights to be fine-tuned for optimal alignment. 

Each Venom LED contains 21 LEDs that operate at the optimal colour temperature of 5000K, allowing drivers to see colour and contrast at night, promoting safety and reducing eye fatigue. The pair of Venom LEDs deliver 1 lux of usable light 850 metres down the road and are shielded to prevent electromagnetic interference on UHF and AM radios. Modular filters are available to suit different applications – yellow for fog, blue for snow, and clear filters for different beam patterns.

The X Grille kit contains a wiring harness, switch and connectors – everything needed for a seamless fit, and retails at $1499. An instructional video provides a step-by-step guide, making installation a straightforward DIY job. Alternatively, owners can choose to have the X Grille professionally installed, a process that takes under two hours.

The X Grille fits Ford Ranger PX2 Models 2015 to 2018. Kits for other vehicles are in development, with X Grilles to suit Holden Colorado and Toyota Hilux to be announced.