Lightforce Enforcer Portable Lights

The Lightforce Enforcer range of portable handheld spotlights offers you a selection of lights that are all lightweight and which have a variety of technologies which suit particular applications:

Enforcer 140mm LED

The new Enforcer 140mm LED Handheld introduces Fresnel technology to the sporting market. The specially designed lens produces a tight beam for maximum light output and performance. The internal battery has a runtime of 2-4 hours at full power depending on the model and you can even attach the clip on Enforcer battery to produce an extended runtime of up to 8 hours. Combined with a lightweight ergonomic grip and an in-built battery indicator the new LED Enforcer 140mm will provide the ultimate sporting experience. Now available in several variations, many of which can switch between colours.

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Enforcer Halogen

A tried and tested handheld searchlight from Lightforce, the Enforcer Halogen is built tough to suit all environments while offering the power of high-quality performance lighting to all users. Featuring a soft ergonomic grip, lightweight waterproof construction and a powerful 100w halogen spot beam with separate switched low energy LED task light, Enforcer Halogen encompasses the best in technology and ease of use. Conveniently allowing for a replaceable cord available in either merit plug or alligator clip connections, Enforcer Halogen can also convert to cordless operation with the optional add-on battery. Enforcer Halogen is available in 170mm and 240mm lamps, providing the most comprehensive option for distance and product size in the Lightforce range.

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Enforcer Halogen Variable Power

The next step up in the Enforcer range, the Enforcer Halogen Variable Power allows users to instantly adjust beam brightness with the inbuilt variable power control for smooth and silent dimming capability via the integrated thumb control lever. Move with stealth and operate for extended runtime when under portable battery operation in the field. With all the features from the standard Enforcer Halogen plus the power to control the strength of your beam, Enforcer Halogen Variable Power offers users unlimited power in a quality handheld spotlight! Variable power Enforcers are available in both 170mm and 240mm sized lamps. 

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Enforcer HID

Lifting your light to the next level, the Enforcer HID combines outstanding new generation HID performance with an integral ballast integrated within the moulded handle. Lightweight and high power, the intense 4200K or 5000K bulb produce a crisp white beam in 35w or 50w for blistering performance with a separate switched low energy LED task light for close work. The HID lamp is rugged, reliable and will withstand tough duty. Enforcer HID is available in 170mm and 240mm lamp options. 

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Enforcer HID With Task Light

The Lightforce range of handheld Enforcer Xenon HID Lights is made from lightweight composite polymer construction for extreme strength and durability without the heavy weight associated with metal lights. These handheld spotlights have an internal 50W or 70W ballast enclosed within the base makes this light easy to use and well balanced. These model offers an LED task light for close work or commuting between locations. Bulbs have been designed by Lightforce exclusively for use with our parabolic reflectors providing extreme light penetration. These are handheld spotlights suitable for a wide variety of applications when lightweight, portable function and high output light is desired.

Enforcer HID Handheld with Task Light


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