Lightforce Halogen Driving Lights

If you are looking for a classic, warmer halogen driving light, why choose Lightforce? Our 12V halogen type bulbs incorporate xenon gas, enabling them to burn between 10-20% brighter and whiter than conventional halogen bulbs. This means that at 12V they are rated at 2000 hours run time. Worldwide, professionals who drive at night in the trucking industry tell us of the huge benefits changing to Lightforce have made in running costs alone. Check out our Halogen Driving Light Range.

Genesis 210mm Halogen

When designing the Genesis 210mm Halogen, our engineers' focus was on creating a light that incorporated every desirable feature and performance parameter that our customers require. The Lightforce Genesis 210mm Halogen's innovative design delivers epic performance and unparalleled impact strength, with its shatterproof polycarbonate lens. At 210mm, the Lightforce Genesis will fit all vehicles containing a standard 210mm type dimensional envelope.

Genesis Halogen

XGT 240 Halogen Long Range Driving Light

The Lightforce 240 XGT's is an ideal long-distance driving light. The XGT has a combination of inherent mechanical strength and powerful output which have made this driving light the natural choice for off-road racers and the hard-core enthusiast worldwide.

XGT Halogen

Lance, Striker and Blitz Halogens

The Lightforce Lance, Striker and Blitz lights make up the Lightforce Classic Range of driving lights. No matter what vehicle you drive, or how punishing the conditions - the Classic Range has something to suit your needs. This is the series of lights that first forged Lightforce's unmatched reputation for excellence.

Lance Halogen Striker Halogen Blitz Halogen

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