PRED Series Firearm Mounted Lights

Lightforce introduced the PRED series in 2012, in response to feedback from users on what they wanted in a firearm-mounted light. The series was designed to be quickly mounted to any Picatinny rail, the most popular rail mounting system for precision rifles. All models in the range have on-board batteries that deliver plenty of runtime. You can swap them from one firearm to the next, great for the nights on the hunt (PRED9X) or in close quarters (PRED3X). If you’re into rifle mounted night hunting, think Lightforce PRED series. Check out the family!

PRED9X Firearm Mounted LED LightThe PRED9X is the ultimate wireless Firearm Mounted LED Light

Offering a tight beam and being scope mountable, the PRED9X lets you pinpoint those targets out to and beyond 230 metres. We use a colour temperature of 4000k that offers great attention to detail and improves depth perception.

While out and about with various calibres you can use the quick release Picatinny mounting system to switch the PRED9X between firearms. Designed for a purpose and built tough, this model will be your “go to” for those nights on the hunt.

A full kit of accessories is included, such as lightweight Lithium Batteries giving the unit a total weight of just 375g, this is a massive plus as we all know any added weight makes a massive difference after a few hours in the field. Filters in both Red and Green are included, handy for all different types of animals and applications.

With a stock mounted completely wireless switch, you never have to move your scope out of alignment to switch the light on or off. It even glows in the dark!

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PRED3X-Riflescope-LED-LightThe PRED3X is a high performing Compact Firearm Mounted Light

If you’re clearing pests from a barn or dropping rabbits at close quarters, this light packs a punch and weighs just 180g. Charging is offered via the provided USB cable and has a runtime of 90 minutes, more than enough to clear out those pigeons.

Our goal was to build a reliable close quarters light with the durability and ruggedness that Lightforce is renowned for. Throw it on your shotgun or rifle with a flick of the quick release catch.

Colour temperature is just as important as output and, similar to its bigger brother the PRED9X, we use a colour temperature of 4200k. This colour temperature is designed to give you attention to detail, making it easier to spot those smaller vermin.

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