HID Driving Lights

XGT 240mm HID

$285.00 - $410.00

We debuted our first 240 HID back in 2001. Design awards, industry and user accolades continue worldwide. No other HID offers the tunability to alter the focal length of the bulb and beam angle as you desire.

Striker 170mm HID

$200.00 - $475.00

The 170 Striker with HID projects a beam using it's parabolic reflector that sends competitors' larger lights running for cover.

Blitz 240mm HID

$429.00 - $499.00

The 240 Blitz™ HID offers performance for those who require extreme long distance visibility such as professional remote long haul truck drivers. When focused to its tightest spot there are few lights in the world that can compete.

Genesis 210mm HID

$280.00 - $340.00

The ultimate performer in the Genesis range now available with a massive 50w HID Xenon bulb.