Enforcer 140mm LED

$199.00 - $260.00

The new Enforcer 140mm LED handheld introduces Fresnel technology to the sporting market. The specially designed lens produces a tight beam for maximum light output and performance.

170 & 240 SL Halogen Handhelds

$86.50 - $118.50

The 240 BLITZ™ was our first true long distance light and began our reputation for high performance and light intensity. For long distance, power and value for money, the 240 BLITZ is certainly worth considering.

Enforcer HID Search Light

$251.50 - $271.50

Lifting your light to the next level, the Enforcer HID combines outstanding new generation HID performance with an integral ballast integrated within the moulded handle. Light weight and high power, the intense 4200K or 5000K bulb produces a cri...