Driving Light Accessories

Driving Light Unibar


The easiest solution for installing a set of Lightforce Driving Lights. Designed to bolt in place behind your license plate in just a few minutes! For compact cars or light duty off road work, the Unibar is ideal!

ROK Mounts USA


Various mounting options for Lightforce ROK Utility Lights.

General Mounts & Brackets

$10.00 - $27.00

Various mounts and brackets for Lightforce Driving Lights and LED Bars.

HTX230 Wiring Harness


Use our genuine Lightforce wiring harness to install HTX to your vehicle.

Wiring Harnesses & Harness Parts

$9.00 - $65.00

Lightforce Wiring Harnesses allow for convenient installation to maximise the performance of your Lightforce Driving Lights or any other driving lights on your vehicle.

Wiring Harness for Venom & Genesis LED


Genuine Lightforce 12 Volt 3 Stage Operation Wiring Kit. Harness only to Suit Venom LED and Genesis LED.

Halogen Driving Light Bulbs

$8.00 - $18.00

Halogen bulbs used in Lightforce lights have been carefully selected to ensure maximum performance and durability.

Lance 140mm Filters

$16.00 - $85.00

Driving light filters can enhance your vision when driving on or off-road. Choose the right filter from many options.