Wiring Harness for Venom & Genesis LED


Genuine Lightforce 12 Volt 3 Stage Operation Wiring Kit. Harness only to Suit Venom LED and Genesis LED.

Anti Theft Security Locks for Venom, Genesis & HTX


Secure your investment with anti-theft security lock sets to protect your lights from unauthorised removal. Keyed nuts with matching tools secure your lights against theft.

Halogen Driving Light Bulbs

$8.00 - $18.00

Halogen bulbs used in Lightforce lights have been carefully selected to ensure maximum performance and durability.

HID Bulbs for Handhelds


The rugged and reliable HID bulb will withstand tough duty with reliable performance.

Lance 140mm Filters

$16.00 - $85.00

Driving light filters can enhance your vision when driving on or off-road. Choose the right filter from many options.

Venom LED 150mm Filters


Durable polycarbonate filters for the Venom LED, capable of absorbing road grime and bombardment for many a highway mile, these replaceable filters should be renewed from time to time to protect your investment and maintain maximum beam output.

Striker 170mm Filters

$16.00 - $85.00

Driving light filters can enhance vision when driving on or off-road.