Halogen Remote Mount Shooters Lights

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The Lightforce range of remote mount lights are made from lightweight composite polymer construction for extreme strength and durability without the heavy weight associated in metal lights.


1 x Halogen Remote Mounted Shooters Light

Lightforce remote mounted halogen spotlights are intended for permanent installation through a vehicles cab roof and are compatible with our range of remotely operated handles.

Factory fitted remote mounted lights are designed for mounting onto Lightforce remote control handles or can alternatively be fitted directly to a fixed mounting position. 


  •  Bulbs have been designed by Lightforce exclusively for use with our parabolic reflectors.  
  • For a tighter beam pattern for sporting applications consider using a GL06 globe which is available from Lightforce as an optional accessory.


  • Recommended operating temperatures (ambient)
  • -40°C > +40°C Maximum
  • -40°F > +104°F Maximum
  • Operating voltage 13.2 volts DC (typical)


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Arm to suit RM & RMDL High Mount | HARMDL | $115.50
General Mounts Base - High Mount | MV | $19.80
General Mounts Base - Low Mount | MVDL | $19.80
Striker 170mm Filters Amber Spot | FAS | $26.90
Striker 170mm Filters Red Filter | FRS | $26.90
Striker 170mm Filters Green Spot | FGS | $26.90
Blitz 240mm Filters Amber Spot | FAB | $31.70
Blitz 240mm Filters Red Spot | FRB | $31.70
Blitz 240mm Filters Green Spot | FGB | $31.70
Infra Red Filters Striker 170mm Spot | FIRS | $113.60
Infra Red Filters Blitz 240mm Spot | FIRB | $139.10
Replacement Reflectors 170mm Striker | REFH170 | $92.40
Replacement Reflectors 240mm Blitz | REFH240 | $116.60