Handles & Mounts for Remote Lights

T-Bar Grip

$126.50 - $155.00

CBRC225, RC225 an RC150 Remote control handles are designed for mounting the SL or RM model lights through the roof of vehicles and boat bulkheads or incorporated into one of our remote roof mounting systems. They provide user comfort and super...

Swivel Mounting Bases

$65.80 - $113.00

Base systems incorporate a swivel ball joint that gives a quick and simple method to position and lock a light on your vehicle or boat, in fact anywhere you can think of.

Suction Mount

$49.50 - $195.00

The Lightforce suction mount barĀ gives you the option to add a remote handle to the roof of your vehicle and remove it when needed

Support-a-Light Window Mounting Kit


Mount your Lightforce spotlight in virtually any vehicle window frame in a matter of seconds.

Remote Mount Accessories and Parts

$27.50 - $63.80

Accessories and spares for mounts, various replacement or rebuild options available,