Proven Performers in the Australian Outback

Getting out there and mastering the Australian Outback in the dead of night is no easy task. There are not many other places harsher, and using the best lighting technology out there is crucial.

Standard 4WD headlights tend to be woefully inadequate for driving in the Outback. You need driving lights to illuminate well beyond the range of your vehicle’s standard factory lights. That can give you optimal visibility of road conditions and advance warning of the wild and domesticated animals, potholes, corrugation and other hazards.

Lightforce driving lights have been tested through and through by our own "bright people" and by thousands of happy customer, just like you, who've driven millions of kilometres on bitumen, dirt, mud and bulldust. And out hunting lights too...

As the lights start to fade, many animals in the outback become more active due to the extreme heat during the day, making the evening perfect time to go hunting. And when hunting at night, it’s essential to have a reliable source of light. Being able to cover ground quickly is essential too - so handheld hunting spotlights are a great solution. To master hunting in the Outback, hunting lights need to durable, reliable and comfortable to use even for long periods of time.

Tried and tested, Lightforce delivers products that have been designed, developed and manufactured to operate in environmental extremes – from the harsh Australian Outback, the Sahara and USA's Death Valley, to the cold of Scandinavia and the freezing Alaskan Tundra and beyond.

Get out there. Light the way. Experience the Australian Outback with Lightforce.

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