Sponsorship & Support Requests

Lightforce establishes sponsorship relationships with selected bloggers, social media influencers, media outlets and other online entities. This may involve providing products for installation and use in the field in exchange for agreed exposure and the transfer of usage rights for imagery and video footage.

We also provide support in the form of performance lighting products and branded merchandise to selected charities and not-for-profits.

We consider each sponsorship or support request on its merits and make a selection of partners and charities bi-annually in August and in February. Please note that your application for these two intakes need to be completed by July 31st or January 31st each year.

Please submit your application for the relevant category by using one of the forms below. You will be informed of our decision in due course.

Please note that these applications can only be completed once on any computer. If you need to submit a new application please contact us at sponsorship@lightforce.com. Also, please note that we are not able to provide monetary sponsorship and these forms are only for the request of product. Also note that we do not take calls regarding these requests, however you can contact us at sponsorship@lightforce.com after you have made your application.

Go to the Sponsorship Application Form or the Charity Support Form