Warranty Registration Form


Keep Your Receipt!

This form enables you to submit your new product registration to Lightforce. Please keep in mind that if you need to file a warranty claim with Lightforce, you will be required to send a copy of your original store receipt for proof of purchase. The receipt enables us to validate the date of purchase, thus the start date for the limited warranty coverage period. See the Warranty Terms & Conditions for more information.

Making a Warranty Claim – Australia

Warranty claims will not be received or processed without an RMA ‘Return Material Authority’ ID number. To obtain an ‘RMA number please contact our customer service department on :+61 8 8440 0888 or email sales@lightforce.com Once an RMA number is issued, Lightforce Customer Service will arrange for the return of the product for assessment. You will receive an RMA ID number and a Consignment number for collection and tracking of the goods through the warranty process. Lightforce will not be able to perform our service under this warranty if you refuse to return the product to us for inspection.

Making a Warranty Claim  – International

Contact the point of purchase for warranty service.